We are cracking down on fraud and credit card charge backs. If you do this, you will be BLACKLISTED FOR LIFE FROM NiNJA AND OTHER MAJOR STEALTH SERVERS. If you have an issue that makes you want to charge back, CONTACT A STAFF MEMBER INSTEAD!

Refunds of NiNJA time

We do not issue refunds for NiNJA once the order is paid for and the token is sent. If you attempt to chargeback or dispute your payment, you will be permanently banned from the NiNJA service and other MAJOR stealth servers who work with us to stop fraud

Why was I charged more than the listed price?

Almost ALL credit and debit cards have a FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE (usually about 2%) that will show up on your bill! This is normal, call the 1-800 phone number on your card if you have questions.

Reselling of NiNJA time

We do not allow reselling consoles with NiNJA time (including lifetime) in order to increase the value of your console. This is strictly prohibited and your lifetime will be stripped if you are caught

Exchanges/Transfers of NiNJA time

We do not transfer time from one console to another after the time has been applied to and used by any console.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving, downloading, or using NiNJA.

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