NiNJA's official position:

Before you read this and panic — DON'T. This is not the end of NiNJA GTA V cheats; the African team has simply decided that they would prefer it if the GTA V menu were to vanish forever, and so it shall.

We at NiNJA will never be bullied by lawyers with no lawful standing. We are going to continue to operate exactly as we always have.

In the near future, we will make an announcement regarding the new GTA V menu that we will be selling. We will make note of the time and date when African Engine stops functioning, and make up all time to those affected buyers. We will not take your money without giving you something back. Whether this means extra NiNJA time, time on the new menu, or something else, we will make sure that none of your money was wasted.

Play GTA V and enjoy the menu before it disappears into the cosmos - it will stop working soon, we do not have an exact date, but it will stop functioning. We fought to continue the African partnership, but in the end we must respect their decision. We apologize for failing you - our loyal users - in this battle.

Please consider helping Chr0m3 in his legal battle:

Statement from African Engine team:

Due to Chr0m3's previous involvement in the development of African Engine and his current legal situation, I think it is best that development and sales of African Engine are stopped, as a result of this I have shutdown African Engine (this is a permanent decision), I apologize for any inconveniences this has caused, but I think this is the best action.

I am completely done in this scene, please don't try to contact me, I will be deleting everything and moving on.

Please consider helping Chr0m3 in his legal battle:

- James T